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FResh Juice Bar

239 Onset Avenue, Onset Mass   


About Us




   Larry Senna and Melissa Clements opened up a restaurant in Onset Mass called Cape Cod Lobster Rolls in 2015. The little take out spot became a local and tourist favorite very quickly. They wanted to open up a healthy juice bar to go along with the other foods but the place was way too small. Fortunitely in 2017,  a bigger place became vacant just 100 yards away so they jumped on the opportunity and grabbed it with the thought of dream of the juice  bar is not far behind. 


    In 2017 they added the juice bar and it was a big hit with the locals right from the start. They always try to adapt of what the community wants so they are always looking to evolve to help the community to become healthy and happy.


Our Mission


  We believe healthy foods have the ability to help us live happy, healthy lives. Our menu is filled with foods that have essential vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients. We carefully juice to ensure consistency, quality and taste.

We want our customers to bloom in all of life's adventures. 


   Our mission is to provide nutritionally beneficial juices, smoothies and Acai Bowls to our community by making the with quality ingredients . We truly believe that if you consume one of our specialties a day, it will lead us all to a healthier well-being. When our customers are flourishing, our community will thrive.